Monday, May 9, 2011

What We Have Been Up To

For easter this year we wanted to do an easter egg hunt in our new backyard. We had no family around so we decided to invite some of our friends over. We love our friends. They are just so fun and are always up to doing things with us. It is just like our own little family of friends. Plus i always love when they come over because they bring their new baby Noah, who is of course my favorite!

We also have been filling our time with game nights. Every Tuesday it is just known by everyone to come opver to play games. It started out with just three of us and last week there were eighteen of us. So we had to move it to the church. It is really awesome because a lot of people who come are from work and they aren't mormon. It is fun to show all these people how much fun you can have with just the company of friends and games. You don't need alcohol or anything else.

This picture I just threw on here.I took this the other night at game night. I just love Kyle. He is so awesome and such a fun husband. He makes me laugh all the time.

Oh and something else that happened: Cooper had FLEAS!!! We came home from Kyle's parents house and I was petting Cooper and found a flea on him. I freaked out and ran to Wal Mart and bought anthing I could to help. We bathed him, put a collar on him, sprayed the whole house, washed all of our clothing and bedding, put advantage on him, and then cleaned the carpets. He is an inside cat and we didn't know how he got them. We must have tracked them in or something. Anyway this picture of him getting a bath was cute.

This is Cooper after his bath. He did so good. It was like the only bath we had given him. He is always good when we brush him, but we didn't know how he was going to react with the water. Then we also dried him with a blow dryer and he did so good. Anyway, he is under close watch because we have to make sure we got rid of them. I can't stand the thought of fleas.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My vacation

While my parents went on their cruise. I got to spend the ten days babysitting Scotty. It was so nice not having to work for ten days and Scotty was actually pretty fun!

While I was off I decidced to do some DIY projects. We just moved into a new house and our stuff needed to be a little updated. Kyle and Scotty were huge helpers.

My mom gave me an old lamp made out of carnival glass and I really loved it, but I didnt have a lamp shade for it. I knew it needed one that was the right color, but i also wanted it to have something fun to it because of how cool the lamp is. After months of looking, I just decided to make one. I was pretty worried about it turning out right. However in the end I totally loved it! It turned out perfect and matches the lamp!

We also did A LOT of painting. We got a new bedspread and new curtains so I needed to make sure everything went well together. Plus i was just so sick of everthing in my house being black. I love my new house and all the colors and brightness to it.

Kyle was awesome through the whole week. He still had to work but also helped me with my projects. He also helped with Scotty a ton and it made the week really enjoyable. Kyle is just amazing!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis The Season!

Kyle and I love christmas and everything involved with this season. We love decorating, spending time with our family, and we love the happiness we feel during this season.

We had a great Thanksgiving day. We ate lunch at my moms and then headed up the hill, to Kyles parents, for dinner. Then the next few days were filled with shopping, decorating, eating, and lots more shopping.

We are thankful for our families and for this season! Merry christmas everyone!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

He is a certified Lineman

Last Friday, was Kyle's Graduation and his Rodeo. It was so fun to be able to see where he goes to school and what he has been doing for the last four months. It was really amazing to see him climb poles and how much he just loves climbing.

Kyle's event was the mystery event. He had to climb the pole, de-energize the pole, and save the kitty on the top. His instructors were timing them and it was a competition between the whole class.

Some of Kyle's friends came from Food Maxx, and his family was there along with Mom. It was really funny to hear everyone's expression when they saw Kyle in his "MAN SUIT" as they call it. It is true though, when he gets in his Lineman gear he looks completely different. I was proud of him though because he got the fastest climbing time of everyone in his class, and he saved the kitty.

Later that evening was his actual graduation. It was really fun seeing all of these boys graduating and starting their careers.

I am so proud of Kyle and the sacrifices he made these last four months. He worked so hard. He went to school full time and still worked full time. As his classmates came through my line at Food Maxx, they always told me how they could never do what Kyle does and it made me really appreciate Kyle and everything he does for me. I am a lucky girl!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kyle & Cooper

This is our huge, fat cat cooper. He is enormous and is really lazy. He did belong to my parents but they didn't want two kitty's so we took Coop. Kyle and Cooper have a really weird (and creepy) relationship.

We joke about Cooper being secretly in love with Kyle, I personally think this picture explains it all.

Cooper is a really fun cat and he is become our baby. He really misses Kyle now that he is never home. In fact he misses him so much that when Kyle comes home to shower in between school and work, Cooper tries to get in the shower with him. But we love our Cooper, no matter how creepy he is!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kyle's first day of School

Kyle started his first day of school two weeks ago. He was super nervous. He was so nervous because he was going into this not knowing ANYTHING! He doesn't know anything about electricity, he doesn't know about climbing poles, and he hasn't been in school since high school. As nervous as he was, he was just plain excited to start his new career. He looks so much like a little boy here.

These are his boots he has to wear when he climbs poles. They come up almost to his knees and are so heavy. They made him have huge blisters but he thinks he has broke them in now.

He had to buy all of these tools, and the bag of equipment he brought home was huge. I couldn't even lift it. All of his equipment he wears is around fifty pounds. I can't believe he is going to climb a pole with all of this stuff.

I am so thankful for Kyle and his willingness to start something brand new. To take an opportunity and just run with it. He is such a good husband. I am so glad that he is loving school. It is crazy how much he has learned in just these two weeks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catching up with the Foster's

After Kyle and I got married in December, we moved into a tiny one bedroom apartment in Oroville. Our apartment is old and small, but it is now home to us. We tried to decorate it and make it as comfortable as it can be. It is conveniently just a five minute walk to Food Maxx, where we both work. Kyle just started school at the Northwest Lineman College. It is four months, he graduates on November 5th. After graduation, we are going to try and find a job locally but there is a chance we will have to move out of California. Once we are settled I want to go back to school. But until then I am at Food Maxx for atleast a few more months. I am so grateful for Kyle and appreciate all he does for me and for our marriage. I just love him!