Monday, May 9, 2011

What We Have Been Up To

For easter this year we wanted to do an easter egg hunt in our new backyard. We had no family around so we decided to invite some of our friends over. We love our friends. They are just so fun and are always up to doing things with us. It is just like our own little family of friends. Plus i always love when they come over because they bring their new baby Noah, who is of course my favorite!

We also have been filling our time with game nights. Every Tuesday it is just known by everyone to come opver to play games. It started out with just three of us and last week there were eighteen of us. So we had to move it to the church. It is really awesome because a lot of people who come are from work and they aren't mormon. It is fun to show all these people how much fun you can have with just the company of friends and games. You don't need alcohol or anything else.

This picture I just threw on here.I took this the other night at game night. I just love Kyle. He is so awesome and such a fun husband. He makes me laugh all the time.

Oh and something else that happened: Cooper had FLEAS!!! We came home from Kyle's parents house and I was petting Cooper and found a flea on him. I freaked out and ran to Wal Mart and bought anthing I could to help. We bathed him, put a collar on him, sprayed the whole house, washed all of our clothing and bedding, put advantage on him, and then cleaned the carpets. He is an inside cat and we didn't know how he got them. We must have tracked them in or something. Anyway this picture of him getting a bath was cute.

This is Cooper after his bath. He did so good. It was like the only bath we had given him. He is always good when we brush him, but we didn't know how he was going to react with the water. Then we also dried him with a blow dryer and he did so good. Anyway, he is under close watch because we have to make sure we got rid of them. I can't stand the thought of fleas.


  1. Hold Up!!! Baby Noah is "of course your favorite"!!! If you are putting the label of "favorite" on somebody that you need to wait until we show up there and then we will let the competition begin.

  2. that is funny, because that was my first reaction. all of those adorable nieces and nephews and some other kid is your "favorite". let the competition begin. cute post scooby, although i thought the remark "we have no family around" was a little harsh. what are dad, scotty, and I? oh yeah, i forgot, we were at than and erica's house.